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We provide the following services, either as ‘one offs’ or as a planned programme to help you meet the aims and objectives of your organisation:

Safety Management Systems and IS-BAO

The International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) accreditation is public acknowledgement that your organisation follows internationally recognised best practice. Many civil aviation authorities worldwide recognise IS-BAO accreditation as evidence of compliance with ICAO SMS requirements.
Using IS-BAO accredited people means that your organization is less likely to make costly mistakes when implementing your SMS system and that you can have confidence in the competence of any implementation or auditing processes carried out on your behalf, and the advice you are given. You will benefit from reduced costs by detecting and eliminating errors and faults at an early stage meaning you will have fewer returns or service delays, this may also lead to reduced insurance premiums. AQMS decided that we could best serve our customers in business aviation by offering them this assurance and we are happy to provide our IS-BAO accredited services for operators and maintenance organisations to help implement all stages of the standard in your own organization or to audit existing procedures.

Should you wish to implement SMS without IS-BAO accreditation we can also help you to develop EASA/ICAO compliant systems without IBAC accreditation or a system which can be fully integrated with your occupational health and safety or environmental safety management system, giving you flexibility and choice.
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Total Quality Management Service

  • Review the scope of your business, where you are and where you want to be
  • Review Aircraft Types and numbers
  • Assess Management structure and facilities
  • Produce supporting Procedures
  • Audit against written Expositions and Procedures
  • Submit to Regulatory Authority for approval
  • Provide Internal Audit Plan
  • Audit against plan
  • Manage Company Authorisation System
  • Audit Maintenance Providers
  • Provide Annual Review
  • Be in attendance for Regulatory Audits
  • Manage mandatory and internal occurrence reporting system
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Company Expositions and Procedures

Company Expositions and Procedures are important documents that describe the way your organisation works. If they are not produced in a way that reflects what you do you are at risk of having costly findings when you are audited by your surveyor. Your Exposition will describe the management structure of your organisation and how it works. It maps out the premises, names your nominated post-holders and describes how the management responsibilities and requirements of the relevant regulation are met within your business. Your company procedures support your Exposition and describe the way each department manages and controls its activities.

We produce stand-alone procedures which are controlled in house. Because the Procedures are written in this way it means that you don’t have to go back to the regulator for approval each time you want to make changes to the way you work. We can simply amend the Procedures to reflect those changes.

Before writing any Expositions or Procedures we will take a thorough look at your business. We will see how you work, and assess the solutions you have found to meet the many challenges of running a Manufacturing, Part M, Maintenance Organisation, Design/Production Organisation or Training School.

We will try to avoid using complicated language when writing any procedures, so that you and your staff can easily see what you have to do to meet your obligations. This will make it easier for your organisation to comply with the regulations, either UK or European. We will not suggest unnecessary changes. Changes that we do ask you to make will be to help you meet your compliance requirements in a way that we judge to be least disruptive to your business.

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External audits for all Parts of EC.2042 – Part M, Part 145, Part 147 organisations, Part 66 accredited awarding bodies and EC 1702 (Part 21). Findings reported and discussed at the end of the audit with full written reports within 5 working days wherever possible.

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Training is an ongoing process for any organisation in today’s business world, and is a fundamental requirement for EASA approval. We ensure that we keep up to date with our own training and developments in EASA and CAA training requirements so that we offer you the best service we can. We are able to provide a training needs analysis to enable you to prioritise and focus your training and development programme for staff of all levels throughout your
organisation, whether it is training for stores personnel or the Accountable Manager and are able to offer compliance and continuation training which is fit for purpose and designed to fit your business.

Our customers report a high level of satisfaction with our training and say that our interactive style makes training engaging for themselves and their staff in areas that they normally find quite dull and difficult. We aim to help you understand what you need to, which makes it much easier for you and your staff to do what you need to with confidence and without wasting time and resources on costly mistakes.

We are able to deliver training at your location or the Aviation Training School at London Southend Airport, where we work together with our partners, Prospects Learning Foundation, to provide training that is thoroughly quality assessed and meets all current requirements.


Safety Management Systems

Quality Management training for 21 G and J, 145, 147, Part M

Compliance training for post-holders and other staff for Part M and Parts 21, 145 & 147


Human Factors

Fuel Tank Systems Safety Training (SFAR88 or CDCCL) Levels 1 and 2.

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Airworthiness Surveys for sales/purchase/lease ARC and Import or Export CofA

We can provide experienced staff to survey records, including ‘dirty fingerprint’ copies, and/or aircraft and provide written report packs giving all necessary information either to obtain the import/export Certificate of Airworthiness or to make your ARC recommendation.

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